Tree of Life Macrame Wedding Favors

Tree of Life Macrame Wedding Favors


The unique & enchanting Mini Tree signifies the changing seasons of life, bringing tranquility where ever it is placed. These can be used as wedding or other party favors/gifts. A person who loves nature would also love this piece.


Vegan and eco-friendly, each wall hanging is intricately made with natural hemp fiber on a metal hoop. Each tree is unique and will have slight variations.


Hoop diameter is 3 inches. Hanging loop is measured at 5 inches and the top of hoop to bottom of wall hanging measures 10 inches, for a total length of 15 inches.

About the Tree of Life

The tree of life has spanned many cultures over many time periods. The spiritual tree symbolizes our very existence, that we are all interconnected. Let the roots remind you that our actions have deep meanings. Let the trunk provide you with its unwavering strength. Let the branches encourage the artistic and the compassionate. Let the individual leaves represent harmony among all beings.


US 2 - 5 day shipping is free with shipping upgrades available at check out. International shipping is 3 - 6 weeks.

Processing times vary depending on the amount of trees order. Generally, 10 trees will take about 1 week to create, 20 trees take 2 weeks, etc.

If you need more than the 200 that are available, please email me and we can set up a special listing for you.

Gift Options

Free gift options available at check out.

Gift cards available in shop.


20 trees are planted for every order.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or you can also message me on Facebook at Metta Weaving.

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