SATI Chakra Mandala Macrame Suncatcher ~ PRE ORDER ~

SATI Chakra Mandala Macrame Suncatcher ~ PRE ORDER ~


The healing "Sati" chakra mandala macrame wall hanging is intricately hand woven with cotton fiber and translucent glass beads on a metal hoop. The macrame knots are tight and each piece is very well made with slight variations, making each one unique.

Each mandala measures approximately 7 inches (17.78 cm) in width

Hanging down to about 22 inches (55.88 cm).

The metal hoop in the middle is 1.5 inches in diameter.


This bohemian wall hanging is multi use and can be put just about anywhere. Hang it in a sunny window for gorgeous glow, place it on your bedroom wall or put it in your new baby nursery. Where ever you decide to place it, the spiritually uplifting mandala will give you personal enrichment and bring a smile to your face. This piece makes a stunning & unforgettable gift.

The mandala represents the circular and cyclical nature of life, while the chakra colors correspond to specific nerve networks and centers as well as bodily organs.


Optional gift wrap and hand written message for gift giving upon order note request.

This item is custom made within 4-7 business days of ordering. US shipping is 2-5 days and international shipping is 3-6 weeks.

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20 trees are planted for every purchase. Read more in the About tab.

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