Skoolie Workshop

Meet Bethel, 

Our Skoolie Home and Workshop


Bethel the Skoolie

My partner Ryan, and I bought our Skoolie, Bethel, in January 2018. 

She’s an old school beauty, the journey from American school bus to cozy living quarters has been quite the adventure during the last two years. 

When we brought Bethel home, she still had all the bells and whistles of an American school bus, a bright-yellow paint job, with rows and rows of heavy-duty leather seats inside, emergency doors, ribbed flooring, and old windows that were stuck closed.

You get the picture – we had our work cut out for us. 

We began demolition almost immediately that winter. We donned our hazmat suits and face masks and got straight to work.


Skoolie Gutting

Dressed like the ghostbusters, we began to gut the bus entirely. The first winter, we took out the seats, then the flooring, walls, ceiling, you name it, we gutted it. 

Bethel was stripped back to her metal frame and ready for some tender, loving care.


Skoolie Conversion


With Bethel completely empty and stripped back, we started to build the framing for what would become our new floor. At this time, initial insulation and a plywood subfloor were added in as well.  

By the way, when I say we – I mean my partner Ryan. I was still fresh out of brain surgery and recovering through the beginning of 2018. So a lot of my time was spent designing and supervising the demolition and framework build.

We went on throughout the year removing emergency doors, windows, and roof hatches. All to make way for new walls, skylights, and a beautiful wooden door to replace the classic pop-out school bus entrance. 


Skoolie Paint Job

Later, in 2019, we fashioned Bethel with a crisp white paint job on the outside and purchased Maple-wood flooring for the whole of the inside. The flooring was an awesome find from ‘Second Use Building Materials’ in Tacoma, WA. In the flooring’s previous life, it was a basketball court in an old school gym, how cool?!


Maple Flooring

Once our outlets and wiring were in for our electric, the walls and ceiling were dressed with very thin, repurposed Cedar wood – also from our favorite shop in Tacoma. 


Skoolie Flooring

This year, 2020 has been focused on building out our bedroom, the kitchen, we completed the lighting in our ceiling, rebuilt the dash area, and invited a stunning Live Edge Madrone for the dining bar. 


Skoolie Kitchen

The interior of our Skoolie home and studio is fully livable now! We’ve slept on our mattress in the living room for the last year or more… but we now have a real bedroom with all the home comforts. 


Custom Skoolie Cabinets

Bethel is fully equipped with a practical kitchen, functioning bathroom, wood stove fireplace, as well as a creative studio and workbench space where I create all things precious for Metta Weaving. 


Custom Skoolie Kitchen

Finishing touches are happening this year, which is just so exciting! 

We plan to have Bethel completed this Fall 2020, she’s coming along nicely. We’re currently in the process of purchasing land where we can live in Bethel and have roots down in WA between road trips. 

Our first road trip will be down the coast from WA to California then across to Arizona, we couldn’t be more excited for Skoolie adventures! 

Thanks for getting to know Bethel! 

Are you a Skoolie-lover? What adventures have you been on? 

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