Conscious Partnership

Conscious Partnership


My designs are not only made with love, but Metta Weaving is also a conscious brand with a big heart.

Have you ever felt fearful of the future or overwhelmed by what you see happening to our Mother – Earth?

Deforestation, climate change, polar ice caps melting...

Me too!

I felt overwhelmed for a long time until I began to work with Eden Projects. 

Metta Weaving partners with Eden Projects to plant trees – YOU plant 20 trees with every purchase.

How good would that feel? – Knowing that by adding a beautiful piece of jewelry to your closet, you are actively contributing towards restoring forests around the globe?

Eden Projects is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. Since then, they’ve planted 361 million trees and are on a mission to plant 500 million trees per year between now and 2025. 

By purchasing with Metta Weaving you are part of that mission.

Since partnering with Eden Projects, Metta Weaving has planted 13,280 trees and counting! 

Reforestation not only has so many benefits for the environment but the project also helps local communities to thrive. Planting trees creates sustainable, fair-wage jobs for poverty-stricken families in the communities that we're working in.


Eden projects are currently active in Central America, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Haiti, and Nepal.

Lush new forests improve local water sources, making them healthier to drink from and cook with. Growing the forest canopy also restores local rainfall patterns, re-builds habitats for animals. It also improves soil quality, making it better for harvesting crops. 


Eden Reforestation Projects


Be a proud partner in rebuilding forests with Eden Projects and Me, 

Plant 20 trees with your purchase today!

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