My Handcrafted Business

Metta Weaving is a handmade business that I started in 2013. I have a background in macrame, wire wrapping and as of more recently, painting. I continue to learn new skills daily and I plan on expanding my artistic reach. Some of my inspirations are drawn from nature, as I love to be outdoors. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rockhounding and road trips. Growing up I never really new that I had any artistic ability, and I learned through being in a lot of pain and being out of work. Be sure to read my post “Sharing wisdom through Experiences” to learn more about my path to career.

My creations are centered towards the bohemian, hippie, eclectic soul that enjoys to be surrounded by beautiful adornments. As a natural and spiritual soul, I enjoy hanging handcrafted pieces on my walls and like to wear intricate gemstone jewelry. Whether I am lounging around the house or going to a concert, I always have something cute and boho to wear. Whether you are Pagan, Wiccan, Spiritual, Buddhist, vegan, folk or just more of a natural soul, I have something in my shop that will have meaning for you.

Whether you are shopping for a man, woman, teen or baby, Metta Weaving has many different styles, colors, sizes and more to find the perfect item. My shop has decor for the bedroom, window, living room, kitchen, meditation space, yoga studio, dorm, apartment, baby nursery or even the hippie man cave. I love to create custom pieces for unique spaces.

Macrame decor is one of my main focuses for Metta Weaving. Starting out, I really only created macrame wall hangings. The tree of life was and will always be one of the strong points of my business. Made with natural hemp and gorgeous glass beads, the Bodhi tree is one of the most popular items in my shop. I also create driftwood wall hangings, which I hand pick myself on our Washington coastline. Sometimes, I incorporate fabric, yarn or stones into my wall decor.

Macrame jewelry is the second focus of my shop. Hemp gemstone pieces are something I really love to make, anywhere from necklaces and bracelets to headpieces and barefoot sandals. I use hemp for most of my pieces and various gemstones, however my favorite stone to work with is Labradorite. Occasionally I make macrame belts as well.

Wire wrapped jewelry is something that I like to make when I need a break from macrame and I want to explore another hobby. I have been wire wrapping for several years and I make all my pieces free hand, using only pliers and wire cutters. A few times a year, I will go rockhounding, and I will use some of my more unique stones to create a unique piece. I rockhound mostly agates, quartz and carnelian.

Painting is a newer hobby of mine. I started a couple of years ago and I found that I thoroughly enjoy several techniques. One of my favorites is acrylic pouring, mostly because you never know how they will turn out! So beautiful. Hand painting with fine brushes can be fun if I am in the mood for a more intricate piece that I can work on for many hours or days.

Metta Weaving has just partnered with a non-profit called Eden Reforestation Projects, who plants trees in poverty stricken areas and employs locals to plant those trees. It is a truely amazing journey and I am so excited for this partnership. I am looking forward to contributing to a good cause and I am grateful for you to help. 20 trees are planted for every purchase, and I donate monthly to Eden Reforestation.

My goal with Eden Projects is to grow together. I would like to plant thousands of trees in the coming years, and Eden would like to plant billions.

The vision that I have for my business is beautiful. Currently, my boyfriend and I are converting a school bus into a tiny home, where I plan on travelling and working on the road. It’s a bold and trying journey, but we are close to getting out little home finished so we can head down to Arizona!

I can promise my customers that I will always be friendly and make my customers happy. One of the most rewarding aspects of my business is that I can make a custom piece for a customer, and they are always so thrilled when it arrives in the mail.

I love working with people and helping people, and being able to do that as an entrepreneur is an amazing gift.