Tree of Life Macrame Wall Hanging

Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to share with you one of my most special pieces in my shop. I have been making the Tree of Life for about 7 years now and I still thoroughly enjoy making each piece. The Tree of Life macrame wall hanging is a spiritually healing piece, bringing you joy every day. I have one in my own bedroom, its green and blue.

Each Tree of Life that I create is a custom piece. The special thing that makes my trees stand out is that they are multi use. You can use one to hang in a window as a suncatcher, you can hang on in the bedroom as a dreamcatcher(they are not dreamcatchers, however who says you can’t use it as one?) and you can also hang a large one in the living room as a family tree, adding colors in for each individual in your family.

They are hand woven with natural hemp fiber and stunning glass beads. Hemp is one of my favorite cords to work with. I think it gets a bad rep, but honestly, if you just take care of it, like any other fiber, it will keep intact for you. Luckily, no need with wall hangings. You hang them up and they last forever! I have also recently added the cotton version of the tree, which is a very different variation!

The glass beads I use are high quality. There are ten gorgeous colors to choose from, many of which can be birth stone colors. The beads glow vibrantly in the sunlight. I am sure you have seen the photos in my shop. I personally LOVE the rainbow piece, however the green and amber piece is natural in all its beauty.

There are so many different styles and colors, the Tree of Life can work for any room in your home, any style your into, and makes a great gift for just about anyone. I have yet to find someone that hasn’t been super happy with theirs!

Feel free to click the photo below to shop colors and sizes available ♥