The school bus is coming along

As I briefly mentioned in my first blog post, my partner and I are currently converting a 1996 Bluebird rear engine school bus into a tiny home. We bought the bus in the beginning of January, right before my brain surgery. It's been abut five months now and it is really starting to come along. Earlier this month we finished the subfloor, now we are onto framing and insulation!

First, we insulated the pockets of the walls, where we can't fit rigid foam. We had a bunch of rigid foam that was given to us and our plan was to use it in the walls. We discovered that the framing would make the installation of the foam a bit difficult. We then decided to use the batting insulation for the rest of the walls. We just stuffed the batting in behind the framing once it was in place. 

This Saturday we framed almost one whole side of the bus. It was quite cut and dry, however the other side of the bus is not so easy. This is where the bathroom and kitchen go. So we spent quite some time on it yesterday just standing and trying to come up with framing inside our heads. I have confidence that we will get it done next weekend. 

Once the side walls are framed and insulated, we will then start in on the ceiling. After that we will most likely start in on electrical or plumbing(which ever comes first, I have not gotten that far). We try to plan ahead, but since we are both doing building a tiny home for the first time ever, we are learning as we go. I must say, we are doing a fine job and I am pretty impressed with how everything looks! Here is a photo to show you the kind of work we did this weekend. There is much more done than this but I was too busy to snap more photos. I will update you as much as I can through out this experience, every step of the way!